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St Patty’s Day Sugar Cubes

Feb 24, 2014   //   by nadine   //   CRAFT PINS, PINTEREST BLOG, RECIPES PINS  //  No Comments

With St Patty’s Day only a few weeks away, I’ve started decorating my house with lots of green and celtic themes.

I had made white and brown sugar Valentine’s Day Sugar cubes and decided it would be fun to have green shamrock sugar cubes. This time around, I decided to make Vanilla Flavor sugar cubes.  They are crazy easy to make:


1 cup white or Brown Sugar
1/4 tsp of Vanilla
1-2 tsp of cool water
Sugar mold (Silicone Icecube tray or Candy Molds work perfect).
Food Coloring (Wilton Paste best).
Mixing Bowl and small spoon

1) Put sugar in bowl.
2) Add in Vanilla.
3) Add only a little water and mix.
3) Add in food coloring.
4) Add more water (as needed) to make a thick paste.
5) Spoon into mold.
6) Let Dry completely (atleast 24hrs)

Once dry and hard, just pop them out, add to your sugar bowl and use in your favorite tea or coffee.


Feb 14, 2014   //   by nadine   //   RECIPES PINS  //  No Comments

I can across this recipe for Old Fashion Onion Rings and had to pin it. They look so yummy that I just had to give it a try. These ended up being out of this world yummy! We didn’t even use the dip that I bought for them.


You can get the original recipe here.

Here’s what I used (Italic is my subsitutions):

1) Prep work first : Slice your Onions. Pre heat your oil.
* I didn’t have a frier, so I just put the oil in a saucer pan, lower to med heat.

2) You combine the flour, baking powder and salt. (I suggest a medium bowl).
3) Dip you sliced onion in the flour mix and set aside. (I used a paper plate for little clean up).

4) Once all your onions are covered in the flour mixture, you will add in the egg and the milk to form a batter.

5) Dip your flour covered onions into the batter to coat. The recipe calls for them to be placed on a rack to drip extra batter. I confiscated my cooling rack a while back while making soap, so I had to skipped this step. It was messy, but I used aluminum foil to rest the batter covered onions, which made for easier clean up.


6) Have a plate ready to cool the onion rings on – I covered my plate with paper towels, so that the grease could absorb and drip into the paper towel.

7) Spread bread crumbs on a plate. Drop the battered covered onion rings in the bread crumbs and coat completely, so no batter shows. (I coated atleasst 4 onions before placed them into the hot oil).

8.) When cooking in oil, I turned them over as soon as you see the one side turning brown. You cook on booth sides and then placed them on the plate to cool. When still hot, I sprinkled garlic powder on them to season them.

9) Serve hot. These will sure be a winner in your house hold!


This one was a little messy to make, but soooo worth it!!! I’ve made them 2 times now – last time I served them with heart shaped Turkey Burgers for a sweet Valentine’s Lunch.


Did you try these??? How did them come out?? I’d love to hear your feed back.


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