St Patty’s Day Sugar Cubes

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With St Patty’s Day only a few weeks away, I’ve started decorating my house with lots of green and celtic themes.

I had made white and brown sugar Valentine’s Day Sugar cubes and decided it would be fun to have green shamrock sugar cubes. This time around, I decided to make Vanilla Flavor sugar cubes.  They are crazy easy to make:


1 cup white or Brown Sugar
1/4 tsp of Vanilla
1-2 tsp of cool water
Sugar mold (Silicone Icecube tray or Candy Molds work perfect).
Food Coloring (Wilton Paste best).
Mixing Bowl and small spoon

1) Put sugar in bowl.
2) Add in Vanilla.
3) Add only a little water and mix.
3) Add in food coloring.
4) Add more water (as needed) to make a thick paste.
5) Spoon into mold.
6) Let Dry completely (atleast 24hrs)

Once dry and hard, just pop them out, add to your sugar bowl and use in your favorite tea or coffee.

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