Valentine’s Day Canvas

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I had picked up a value pack of 5 canvas at Michael’s Art and Craft store when they were on a great sale.  I originally saw this on Pinterest and thought that I just had to try it. I got together for a craft night with my sister. She decide to do a heart, I wanted to do Valentine Owls to make my other Valentine’s Day decorations. Here’s  directions on how to make your own.


1 canvas (Ours were 11″ x 14″)
1 piece of felt (Our were red and pink)
Black Craft Paint
White Craft Paint
Painter’s Tape
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue
Scrap Paper (Optional)
Craft Glue (Optional)
Stickers (Optional)


1) We started with measuring out the stripped. We decided on how thick we wanted the stripes to be and marked it with pencil on the canvas.

2) Paint the white alternative stripes first. We painted up to the line, and then a light coat over the pencil line.

3) While paint is drying on your canvas, start to cut out your shapes in felt. We cut them out in our scrap paper first to make sure we had the size/shapes that we wanted. Then used it as a guide on our felt.

4) Plug in your hot glue gun to get it warming.

5) Check your canvas if it’s dry. If not, you can use a hair drier (keep moving the drier around, not letting any area of the canvas to get too hot). Once canvas is completely dry, tape just below the pencil line (so the pencil line will be painted with black paint).

6) Paint the black alternative lines.

7) While waiting for the black paint to dry, we started gluing our felt pieces together, situating our buttons and gluing them down.

8) Once the black paint is completely dry, remove the painter’s tape. Then position the felt pieces on where you want it to be on your canvas. You can hot glue or use craft glue to add your felt piece onto the canvas.

9) Next you can add in words or phrases. My sister painted her message on the canvas, while I had “LOVE” stickers left over from make Valentine’s Day Cards a few years ago that I thought would be perfect.


Did you try these??? How did them come out?? I’d love to hear your feed back.


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