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Day 3 : Lyme Disease Awareness Photos

MYTH : I can safely remove ticks by burning them out. | This statement is FALSE!


The only safe way to remove a tick is to use a pair of tweezers. Place the tweezers as close to the skin as possible, pinch the tick’s head and slowly pull it straight out without twisting and breaking any body parts off; without touching the tick, place it in the ziploc bag.  You will want to remove a tick as soon as you discover it, as the quicker to remove it, the less of a chance the tick will have to transfer any potential infections. When your in a tick infected area, high grassy area or in a wooded area, you should always carry a pair of tweezers and a ziploc bag in your pocket or purse.


There are so many different myths about how to remove ticks, that are not safe!!

Matches or Lighter – NOT SAFE : If you burn their butts with a match/lighter, you might be encouraging the tick to burrow in even deeper to get away from the heat. In doing so, you add more stress to the tick to survive, which in turn has them creating more saliva that could increase your chances to get infected.

Another false method is to use petroleum jelly, kerosene, or nail polish remover to smother the tick. You could make them sick and throw up inside your body and potentially transmitting an infection to the host.

Twisting the tick counterclockwise to “unscrew” the tick from your skin. Again, you could make them sick, throw up inside your body and potentially transmitting an infection to the host.


To see how to properly remove a tick, visit:




  • good share!!keep go on!!!nice post!!

    • Thank you Turn the Corner Foundation. They’ve traced my lyme back to 1975 and I was only digonased last year chances of survival? Slim-to-none. I’ve spent more than $225K just getting digonased and now have no money left for treatments. I wish I could win the lottery to give you all that you need to help save the others. Keep up the good work ..there are thousands of us waiting.

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